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Our Plan

Our goal is to become a hardware manufacturer and sell our products to existing power conversion product manufacturers. Our value proposition follows:

For design engineers at US-owned inverter manufacturers who want to incorporate SiC into their products, NCSI topologies provide high reliability, low harmonics, and greater than 99% efficiency at lower cost than state of the art designs.

SiC Adoption

A major barrier to SiC adoption is the design challenges of shifting to a new technology. Yole Intelligence reports that global SiC use will increase 20-30% year over year for the next four years. While much of this growth will occur in the automotive sector, it is anticipated that non-US solar inverter manufacturers will continue to adopt SiC technology and capture additional market share as the PV industry grows at approximately 350 GW per year of installed capacity. This represents a huge opportunity for US inverter manufacturers if they adopt SiC quickly. 

An inverter with our topology weighs less, costs less to ship, and is lower cost to install than state of the art products with identical power ratings. Our topologies reduce design time and time to market. 

Beyond the Inverter

But we are more than solar inverters. Our technologies can be applied to just about any power conversion process including electric vehicle chargers, battery storage systems, industrial motor drives, and hydrogen generators. 

To date, we have won over $300,000 in prize funding and have applied for multiple research grants. We are currently recruiting for power electronics engineers and support staff.

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